James Wille Faust: Exhibition Review

James Wille Faust: Color Meditations


We had the pleasure of attending the opening show presenting the work of James Wille Faust at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (IMOCA) on Friday, April 1st. The exhibition entitled Color Meditations not only lives entirely up to its title, but the range of artwork presented will sweep anyone off their feet and leave them with wanting more.

 The exhibition consists of Faust’s impressive array of various media over the course of a two-year production. This includes his sculpture work, paintings and video.

Color Meditation acrylic on canvas 40 x 60

Color Meditations is a wonderful opportunity to step into another realm full of visual stimuli and curious installations. As an artist, Faust does not attach himself with a specific title or medium. By maintaining this practice, he is able to detach himself from limitations a direct identity may have.

 Faust’s intense body of work stands strongly and successfully as a solo show. I highly recommend a visit to see his extensive body of work. Do not miss this opportunity, the show will be living it’s final day on May 28th, 2016 at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art.